We have a fantastic group of Governors here at Ranvilles.

Dave Proctor
(Chair of Governors)
gov1   I've been a community governor at Ranvilles since 2004 and I took up the position of chair when our previous chair (Mrs. Pam Smith) retired at the latter end of 2009.

I enjoy every minute of my time as a governor at Ranvilles and it's very gratifying to be able to support our children in their education and prepare them for the future.

It's a real privilege for me to be part of the Ranvilles team and to be able to make a difference.

Angela Williams (Headteacher) Gov3 Working in close partnership with committed governors is a real privilege. I am able to ensure that the school maximises opportunities to build on professional expertise for the benefit of the children. I am a member of both the Resources and Curriculum committees and genuinely thrive on being held to account to lead the school team as effectively as I can. I also value the support I receive from governors and the opportunties to work and learn in partnership with them.
Alison Webb
(Clerk to Governors)
gov-07 I have worked as Clerk to the Governors for Ranvilles Junior School since September 2001. My role is to provide administrative support and offer legislative advice as required, to the governing body. I thoroughly enjoy my role and have worked closely with the changing teams of governors and headteachers over the years. I have two school age daughters and I currently also work at  HCC Governor Services in Havant as an Administrative Officer.
Andy Marshall
Vice Chair
Gov5 I have been a Parent Governor at the school since October 2009 and the Vice Chair of Governors since September 2010.

I am a member of the Curriculum Committee as well as the Governor nominated for IT within the school.

I also sit on the Parents Forum which is a highly valued and productive link between the parents, governors and school staff.

Working with the governors, school team and wider community has proved very rewarding and I look forward to improving links more and furthering the fantastic school community that we belong to.
Zoe Loosemore Gov6

 I am a Teacher Governor on the Curriculum Committee. My role is to represent the staffs' viewa to the Governors.

I have been a Governor at ranvilles for the past four years and I enjoy working with each member to help develop our school in striving towards outstanding.

Marc Scott Gov7

I was appointed an LEA governor to the school in December 2009. As this is my first appointment as a governor, I have been encouraged by the positive and professional attitudes of the School and Governing body.

Zena Green gov-05

I was elected as a Parent Governor in March 2010 at the time, my son was in year 3 at Ranvilles Junior School and my daughter, was in year R at Ranvilles Infant School. As a part time working Mum, I felt it was the right time to get involved with the school as I had the time available, wanted to know more about how the school was being run and understand the education my children would be receiving. I had a long term interest in the future of RJS. Not having any experience in education since my school days many, many years ago at Wallisdean and St Annes (now Fareham Academy) to make the most of the opportunity, I hit the ground running ....

In September 2010, I was appointed Clerk to the Curriculum committee and was appointed as the link Governor for children with Special Educational Needs (SEN). From the Summer of 2011, I was appointed the Policy Governor and in September 2011, in addition to remaining the SEN and Policy Governor, I became Chair of the Curriculum committee and part of the Head Teachers Performance Management (HTPM) review panel.

The above roles all give me a different insight into the school and allow me the opportunity to meet with children and staff at varying levels. The more that I do as a Governor helps me to understand what the ethos of RJS is and allows me to see that we are getting nearer to being the outstanding school that I know we can be.

Dan Whitehead gov-08 I've been an LEA governor since April 2010. I am
also the Senior Leader of Fareham Community Church in the town centre.During my time as a Governor it has been a real pleasure to work with the brilliant staff and pupils of Ranvilles Junior. It is my conviction that the school has a significant role to play in forming our community by bringing people together to learn and grow side by side - and that's exactly the
fruit I see at Ranvilles Junior. Not only in our pupils but in the whole governor/staff team and wider community.
Jak Gunter gov-06

I have been a Parent Governor at Ranvilles Junior School since November 2010. My Son is now in year 6 and my Daughter close behind in year 5. They have thrived during their time at Ranvilles and I thoroughly enjoy being part of the team that assists Mrs Williams and her staff in making each day a challenging and interesting one for all the children. I served in the Royal Navy for 23 years and now teach at Warsash Maritime Academy so can appreciate the difficulties experienced by service families. I am a member of the Resources Committee and assist with Health and Safety matters.

Amarjit Badesha, Teacher
(Resources Committee)
gov-03 I am a Teacher Governor on the Resources Committee. My role is to represent the staffs' views to the Governors. The rolel has given me an overarching idea of how the schools resources are used for the benefit of the children.
Chris Lubbe gov-01 I've been an LEA governor since October 2012. I am also a ‚ÄėChildren's Champion‚Äô with UNICEF and work to promote Rights Respect and Responsibility. I find it an honour to work with students all over the world, drawing on my past experience in the ‚Äėstruggle‚Äô for freedom in South Africa. I am passionate about people and information technology. I believe that our children are the future and as such enjoy inspiring both students and teachers in promoting respect, peace and harmony. I also believe that education is the most powerful weapon that we can use to change the world. I am honoured to be a governor at Ranvilles Junior School and look forward to serving the school.

Jay Deeble


I became a community governor at the beginning of 2012 and have enjoyed meeting all the friendly colleagues,staff and children.  I have been associated with the school for a number of years but my commitment was greatened when my children were on campus.  I was a governor at the Infant school in those days, as well as the Chair of the Friends of Ranvilles.

I have worked at the University of Winchester for the last twenty years, training teachers.  I serve on a number of education charity committees, including as Chair of the Schools Music Association.  I have always been associated with lobbying to keep education for all children’s benefit.

I am really looking forward to working with a vibrant and interesting school as it develops new and exciting pathways for its children.

Amanda Stevens,
Parent Governor


I joined the Governing Body in the April 2010, as a parent governor. I have two sons at the school and another who has recently left to start secondary school. Having a career which involves working with schools and governing bodies, becoming a governor at the school seemed an obvious way in which I could contribute to the school. My husband is also Chair of Governors at the Infant School.

I am a senior HR manager within Hampshire County Council, supporting senior managers in the Children's Services Department, Headteachers and Governors across Hampshire on a range of strategic and operational staffing/personnel issues in schools. I manage the team responsible for the development of staff related policies and guidance resulting from changes in employment legislation, education legislation including the academy agenda and changes in Government policy and advice. My role includes consultation with Headteacher representatives and the recognised trade unions on behalf of Hampshire schools.

I currently chair three committees - Resources (which oversees matters related to school finance, buildings, staffing and health and safety); Pay (which makes pay decisions in relation to staff at the school); Performance Management (the committee responsible for appraising the Headteacher) and I am also the lead governor for safeguarding/child protection.

Ben Robinson,
 gov-02 I joined the Governing Body as a Community Governor in July 2012 and I am really looking forward to being a part of the life of this school community.

I recently studied Government at LSE and I currently work as an auditor and on the way to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

It is amazing just how significant a school environment can be in inspiring and shaping the life of a pupil, so I am very excited to help work towards the vision of the excellent team of governors and teachers here at Ranvilles Junior School

 Matt Burton image   I have recently become a parent governor at the school. I have two children who attend Ranvilles. In the short time I've been a governor I've been involved with the Curriculum Committee. Our school governors are here to provide a regulatory and constructive role in supporting and challenging the school, and I look forward to playing my part in this in the coming months. My experience so far has really brought home how hard the staff, governors, parents and especially the children work to make a difference at Ranvilles